Expert says ample material in Koran to justify terrorism

.- In an article published by the Italian daily Avvenire, French philosopher and historian Remi Brague holds that the Koran and other Islam writings provide ample justification for terrorists in carrying out their attacks.

“I hope that Europeans realize that the sources of Islam—although the majority of Muslims are not aware of it--unfortunately contain everything that is necessary to justify these attacks,” he explained.

In his article he called on Europeans not to be content with simply distinguishing between the majority of peaceful Muslim immigrants and Islamists.  While this may be valid, he said, “it is not sufficient.”

“The original Islam is absolutely incompatible with the European project.  Islam needs to be reformed from within,” he stated.

He noted that Europe “already has an identity” that must be reaffirmed.  The exclusion of Christianity from the European Constitution is a source of great concern, Brague said.

“They should have called a spade a spade and included a reference to Judaism and Christianity.  They want to eliminate Christianity as if it did not exist.  And this scares me, because ideologies typically rewrite the past.  Remember George Orwell’s ‘1984’,” he warned.

Braque also emphasized that Europe is much more than just “an economic engine.”  Culture also figures predominantly in European history, he noted, but the teaching of that history needs to be fostered.  “Economy is no less noble than culture,” Braque stated, as long as “the production of goods is done in an equal way.”

The French philosopher and historian also suggested that the family and the rule of law, among other things, not be referred to as values but as “goods.”  This “changes everything,” he argued, because goods “shine with their own light and enlighten us.” “Instead of taking values as a burdensome ‘super ego’, let us rejoice in the goods, let us be nourished by them and let us assimilate them.  Instead of having something to die for, let’s have something to live for,” Braque said.

He called the rejection of a referendum on assisted procreation in Italy a “good sign,” but he also said “defense of the environment should not be confused with respect for the human person, nor should human life be confused with plant or animal life.”

Lastly, while he said it was unfortunately possible to create a unified Europe devoid of any spiritual dimension, he wondered, “Would it still be Europe?”

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