Facing massive deficit, NJ governor proposes cutting Planned Parenthood from budget

Facing massive deficit, NJ governor proposes cutting Planned Parenthood from budget

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.


As part of a wider budget cutting plan, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has proposed the complete elimination of millions of dollars of funding for “family planning” agencies run by Planned Parenthood.

Christie, a Republican who took office in January, faces an $11 billion deficit.

According to Mary Tasy, executive director of New Jersey Right to Life (NJRTL), Planned Parenthood-run agencies have been receiving millions of state taxpayer dollars. Their funding had nearly doubled since 2002.

In the same period, New Jersey was one of the top three states with the highest teen abortion rates.

“We know that New Jersey can do better,” Tasy commented. “In all their literature, family planning agencies actually claim that their clinics reduce the number of abortions performed, but these statistics show they have failed miserably.”

Gov. Christie has proposed cutting family planning funding from the fiscal year 2011 state budget.

In 2009, Tasy reports, then-Gov. John Corzine allocated $7.6 million for family planning agencies. These agencies advertise that they perform “confidential” services for minors which include promoting and referring for abortion without parental notification or consent.

A long-time recipient of the money has been abortion provider Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey, which was the lead plaintiff in a 1999 parental notification case.

NJRTL says it has repeated urged the defunding of Planned Parenthood, saying it is an “absurdity to fund an industry that has “failed miserably and has a financial self-interest in keeping the status quo.”

“We thank Governor Christie for wisely proposing the elimination of funding family planning as part of a solution to reduce state spending and reform government,” the organization said.

It urged the governor to “stand firm” and to line item veto any funding for family planning if it is restored to the proposed budget.