Anti-life Legislators

Family groups denounce lawmakers for refusing to help pregnant women


Socialists and leftists in the parliament of the Spanish region of Andalusia have rejected a proposal to establish an initiative that would assist pregnant women and provide them with alternatives to protect them and their children from abortion.

Benigno Blanco, president of the Spanish Forum for the Family, called it “unfortunate that ideological prejudices have led the majority of Andalusian parliamentarians to be unconcerned with the problems of pregnant women.  It is a true shame that they insist on abortion as the only solution for a woman who becomes pregnant in difficult situations.”

Even though the initiative was supported by 92,000 voters, it was rejected by the Andalusian parliament.  Blanco said the voters should not be ignored and that their support indicated that such a program is needed in the region.

Pointing out that data from the Ministry of Health in 2005 showed the number of abortions to be 91,664, the Forum explained that seventeen different legislative initiatives are being considered throughout Spain in order to create a true network of solidarity to support pregnant women and help them find alternatives to abortion.

“The idea is to extend to all of Spain through law an experience that has already functioned successfully in the Community of Madrid,” the Forum reported.