Fidelis urges South Dakota governor to sign abortion ban


A national Catholic advocacy organization is urging South Dakota governor Mike Rounds to sign House Bill 1215, which would ban most abortions in the state. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Roger Hunt, is widely viewed as a direct assault on Roe v. Wade.

Fidelis has worked with constitutional experts to provide South Dakota with assistance on the legislation. Lawyer and former state representative Matt McCaulley, who introduced a similar ban in the 2004, served as a lobbyist for Fidelis throughout the process.

“This is the leading edge of a growing women’s movement to protect women and children from the disastrous effects of abortion,” said Fidelis president Joseph Cella. “South Dakota has taken a necessary and bold step toward protecting the real rights of women.”

Fidelis vice-president Brian Burch remarked on the vast research that now exists on the harms of abortion to women. "This growing body of evidence puts South Dakota in a very strong position because the courts are going to have to confront this explosive new information that was not available in the past," he stated.

Fidelis has committed to offering their resources to aid the state in preparing for a predictable legal challenge from Planned Parenthood once the governor signs the bill, said Burch.

People have been dropping off checks to support the legal defense of the bill, reported Fidelis. As well, the governor has said leaders from across the country, including other state governors, have pledged support to the bill.

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