Former Colorado congresswoman to lead new pro-life voting initiative

Marilyn Musgrave
Marilyn Musgrave


This morning, the Susan B. Anthony List announced that Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) will lead the pro-life organization’s latest initiative, “Votes Have Consequences,” a nationwide grassroots mobilization and voter education effort.


The new initiative will be formally unveiled at the SBA List’s Campaign for Life Dinner tonight in Washington D.C.


According to an interview by CBNNews, the organization says it plans to target certain congressmen who are “out of step” with their constituents on life issues.


Instead of waiting until the next election cycle, SBA List is planning to get involved early in the process.  Musgrave says that she plans to go into districts where politicians are vulnerable and educate voters on life issues now.


In a press release, Musgrave emphasized the importance of the initiative, especially while facing President Obama’s Administration.  “Under the new administration and Congress, pro-lifers have constantly been on the defensive.  An aggressive, strategic effort to educate pro-life voters early and often is long overdue.”


She continued, “This is a new day in politics for the pro-life movement.  We're going to be assertive, strategic and focused in our efforts to elevate the cause of Life at the grassroots level, where it matters.”


During Musgrave’s political career she has long-campaigned for pro-life, pro-family issues.


SBA president Marjorie Dannenfelser also noted that “at a point in history when political ‘education’ includes lies and distortions which attack candidates personally instead of their policy stands, it is critical that pro-life communication to voters about their representatives be constant and clear and honest.”


“That is exactly what the Susan B. Anthony List intends to implement,” she explained.  “Our efforts will be early, aggressive and in a targeted fashion.  Continuing pro-life trends among women and the nation as a whole make this education all the more critical."


Jane Abraham, General Chairman of the SBA List added that “the time to go on the offense is now.” 


“If we learned anything in 2008, it’s that we need to work early and often to raise the salience of the Life issue in the public discourse among voters.”  She continued, “We know this initiative will make a real difference by setting the record straight and engaging grassroots activists in targeted districts nationwide.” 

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