Former UN Population Fund official says organization makes pro-abortion policies a condition for economic aid


A former official of the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) says the international organization requires that NGOs include the concepts of reproductive and sexual health and gender ideology in its development projects as a condition for receiving economic aid.

Amparo Medina, who is now a pro-life leader in Ecuador, told CNA that "most NGOs dream of receiving economic assistance from the UNPF in order to support their development projects, but unfortunately they are deceived in this process because in order to become self-sustaining, they must accept anti-population policies."

Medina also noted that funds provided by the United Nations for pro-abortion policies in Latin America come mainly from pharmaceutical companies and from the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the largest abortion provider in the world.

Many NGOs are told that the only way their projects will become sustainable is if they accept to distribute more contraceptives and introduce abortion legislation in their countries, Medina said.

Proof that such policies are not successful, Medina continued, is found in the fact that "teen pregnancy in Latin America was less than 3%, but since these sexual and reproductive health policies have been promoted, beginning in 1998, that figure has soared alarmingly to 23%."

"Several years ago AIDS was considered something far away, something related to European countries. Today it is about to become a pandemic in the region due to the indiscriminate distribution of contraceptives and condoms among young people," Medina said in conclusion.

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