Free access to Plan B offers sex “with no muss and no fuss,” for virile men

.- While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision to allow prescription-less access to the “Morning-after Pill” is drawing praise from abortion rights advocates, some are saying that young men who hope for sex, free of “consequences,” should rejoice as well.

In a new article decrying the approval of the pill last week, Chuck Weber, Executive Director of SaintMax Worldwide sarcastically points out that not only is Plan B a “victory” for women, it is also a “perfect game plan,” for “sex-starved guys on the prowl.”

Weber, without touching on the ethical problems of contraception itself, says the “victory” for guys is that, “No longer do men need whisper those all-too-familiar words at the height of passionate playtime: ‘do you have protection?’  This super-sized cocktail of synthetic hormones puts the burden of consequences squarely on the shoulders (or should I say ovaries?) of women.”

And Weber’s claim is even being acknowledged by women.  "Now they have one more reason to say: ‘I’m not going to use (a condom). I’ll buy you the pill in the morning,’" 23 year-old student Elizabeth Jones from New York told the Times newspaper.

Weber notes that the pill will also open the door for men who prey on minors.  “Widely available OTC access to Plan B for everyone 18 years or older - yes, men too - is an especially delicious development for adult gents who enjoy sex with minors but find the consequences (pregnancy and jail time) fouling up their lifestyle and cover-ups.”

The only way men can loose, he mockingly remarks, is if they happen to mention any possible side effects of Plan B such as abortion, nausea, and abdominal pain, or that it actually increases the risk of potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy, all of which are recognized by the company, Barr Pharmaceuticals.  In addition, Weber points out that sex starved men should also avoid mentioning there is no evidence that the legalization of Plan B actually reduces pregnancies or abortions, as many supporters have claimed.

But, even those who support abortion rights are backpedaling on previous claims that the drug will work miracles, as LifeNews pointed out in a report yesterday.  

Prior to the FDA’s decision, Planned Parenthood claimed that the drug would prevent up to 1.5 million unplanned pregnancies and 800,000 abortions per year.  When asked more recently about her group’s claims Jackie Payne, Director of Government Relations for the abortion superpower, admitted, “It will not reach that potential.”

James Trussell, director of the Office of Population Research at Princeton University, agreed with the revised estimate of what impact FDA approval will have and said it would be much lower than anticipated.

at doesn't mean zero, but it will be hard to measure because it will be so small," he told the AP. "If you look at the number of acts of unprotected intercourse on one hand, and the use of Plan B on the other, it's like a cork on the ocean."

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