Free trade with US not a catastrophe, says Archdiocese of Mexico City

Free trade with US not a catastrophe, says Archdiocese of Mexico City


An editorial published this week by the Archdiocese of Mexico City's news service argued that the North American Free Trade Agreement is not a surprise, as it has been implemented  during the last 15 years and is being used politically by some sectors.

The article questioned political and social organizations that have protested opening Mexico’s agriculture and livestock markets, asserting that each clause of the treaty “was accepted 15 years ago, including the clause that contemplates the liberalization of tariffs on agricultural products such as corn, beans and sugar, which was just implemented at the beginning of 2008.”

“What matters today,” the editorial continued, “is the demand that the government take effective measures to ensure that Mexican farms recover their capacity for producing the crops that we need.”

Authorities should “make proposals in areas that are of interest to Mexicans: a widening of the treaty with regards to human and employment aspects.”  Some organizations have adapted to the world market, the article stressed, but others remain committed to isolationism and overprotection of the country, “something which is no longer possible.” 

“Today we must seek out boldly and with political skill the widening of the treaty to include the flow of Mexican immigrants who are constantly moving into the United States and Canada,” the editorial stated.

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