Fundacion Vida calls on Spanish society to show “humanity” to defenseless


The Foundation Vida in Spain said this week that the arrests of more health care workers involved in illegal abortions in Barcelona should awaken Spanish society to the cruelty of abortion and that “the defense of life has nothing to do with the right or left, believers or atheists, but rather is a question of mere humanity towards the most defenseless.”

“The detention of three gynecologists, two anathesiologists and two psychiatrists at clinics under investigation for practicing abortions in Barcelona, is one more step to prove that the responsibility for the illegal abortions carried out is not limited to the owners and managers of those abortions clinics,” said Fundacion Vida’s director, Manuel Cruz.  “For some time it was believed there were doctors killing fetuses for reasons beyond the three permitted by Spanish law, but now there have been detentions and imprisonments,” said Fundacion Vida’s director, Manuel Cruz.

According to Cruz, the abuse by these clinics “should make society aware that abortion itself is inhumane.  These illegal acts lead us to believe that when a society allows the killing of a defenseless fetus in the womb of her mother, society has become inhumane.  Its not a question of whether or not to allow abortion beyond the reasons permitted by an unjust law, but rather that any method of intervention” to carry out an abortion is “improper for a civilized society.”

“In response to years of silence, Fundacion Vida is now calling for transparency, that society understands what abortion is in all of its crudeness and different manifestations, so that each person can decide whether or not it is admissible,” Cruz said.

He called on politicians to unite in reforming the country’s laws on abortion “for humanitarian reasons” and to prevent abortions from having to take place. 

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