German doctors demand international prohibition of human cloning


Two medical organizations in Germany are calling for a total international ban on all types of human cloning, after the British government decided to allow such experiments to be done on human embryos.

The Federal School of Doctors of Germany demanded the approval of an international treaty for the protection of embryos that would ban reproductive and therapeutic cloning.

According to the School’s president, Joerg-Dietrich Hoppe, any attempt to clone human beings should be severely punished by the law.

Likewise, the Marburger Bund German medical association, headquartered in Cologne, demanded a European law that would protect human embryos.

The association’s president, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, criticized the British government’s policy, saying that under the mantle of “freedom of research,” the intangibility of human dignity is being done away with.

Both reproductive and therapeutic human cloning is prohibited in Germany.

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