Germany could its open doors to Iraqi Christians fleeing persecution


Germany may open its doors to Iraqi Christians fleeing from persecution by Muslim extremists if the countries of the European Union vote to refuse to do so. 

Germany’s Commissioner for Immigration Affairs, Maria Boehmer, told the website that “members of the Christian minority are regularly threatened by Muslim gangs and heads of families are forced to convert to Islam or leave the country in 24 hours.”

“Quick action is necessary considering the grave crisis of human rights in the region,” she said. “The situation is worsening for non-Muslim refugees in Jordan and Syria who have escaped persecution.”  The SIR news agency reported that some countries of the EU consider helping Christians to be “discrimination against Muslims who leave Iraq.”

In response to the criticism, Boehmer said, “We must begin by helping those who are in the worst condition,” including religious minorities, women who are alone and children—“people who do not have the possibility of returning to Iraq and don’t know how to live.”