Great majority of Chileans support life-long marriage and reject abortion

.- A new poll has revealed that the vast majority of Chileans understand that marriage is a life-long commitment and that women do not have the right, under any circumstances, to undergo an abortion.

The poll, carried out by the Catholic University and Adimark, revealed that 77.4% of Chileans agree that marriage is for life.  70% agree that women do not have the right to undergo an abortion under any circumstance.

39% of those polled said they supported abortion in cases of rape, but only 9.1% said they supported abortion for economic reasons.

42.7% believe people should not live together before marriage and 53.7% think those cohabiting should get married if they have kids.

84.2% said people should stay in touch with their families even if they don’t have that much in common, and 70% said they get along better with family than with friends.

2,042 people were interviewed for the poll.

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