Havana Archdiocese calls on Castro to ease up on dissidents


In an article published in its official newspaper, Palabra Nueva, the Archdiocese of Havana has called on the government of Fidel Castro to use the opportunity of the rejection by Cubans of the tightening of the US-led embargo to embrace all Cubans, including political dissidents.

In the article, the Archdiocese says now is the time to “work with and for the benefit of all Cubans, including those who are of differing opinions and have different political views in Cuba and wish to participate.”

The paper’s director, Orlando Marquez, writes in his column that “Cuba benefits from unity and from participation by all who are committed to her from different positions.”

On May 6 the US government presented a group of new measures in order to “accelerate transition towards democracy” on the island.  Castro supporters, political dissidents, exiled Cubans and the Church have all expressed opposition to the plan.

The Archdiocese recommended that the government give “particular attention” to the rejection of the plan even by “declared political enemies of the Cuban government” who do not want a foreign government to determine the future of Cuba. 

 “Will opposition leaders and dissents who have defended the sovereignty and independence of the nation be continued to be called mercenaries and to be excluded?” asked the publication.

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