HLI president condemns death threats targeting Ecuadoran pro-lifers


Human Life International's president, Father Thomas J. Euteneur, on Friday condemned death threats made against Archbishop of Guayaquil Antonio Arregui Yarza and the president of HLI's Ecuador affiliate. Another anonymous threat was made by leaving a severed dog’s head bearing what appears to be a Eucharistic Host in its mouth in a chapel.

HLI claims the threats result from opposition to pro-abortion and anti-family language in Ecuador’s proposed new constitution.

According to Father Euteneur, a shoebox containing a dead rat and the message “death to pro-lifers” and a longer letter threatening to kill Amparo Medina, the president of the Pro-Life Action Foundation, were placed at her door.

The letter to Medina read in part, “Remember that accidents exist, remember that accidental deaths happen daily in our country. DO NOT CONTINUE YOUR ANTI-WOMAN AND HOMOPHOBIC CAMPAIGN...death to traitors, death to those who oppose the nation, DEATH OR REVOLUTION,” with emphasis in the original.

In another incident, the severed head of a dog with what appeared to be a Eucharistic Host in its mouth was found in a Catholic chapel. HLI reports it is believed the action and similar ones were instigated by comments from the Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa.

“Clearly, these attempts at intimidation go beyond death threats to cruelty and blasphemy,” Father Euteneuer said. “Anyone who doubts the criminal, diabolical, nature of the international abortion lobby needs look no further.

“These threats just confirm what we [have] always known about the promoters of abortion—they are violent and deadly.” He continued. “We categorically condemn any threats of violence against our affiliate, and we stand with the valiant priests and bishops in Ecuador who are bravely defending the right to life against systematic campaigns and intrusion from foreign influences trying to impose western pro-abortion values on Latin America. “

Father Euteneur said HLI calls on President Correa to “cease his attacks against the Church and on the people of Ecuador” and to reject the “heinous constitution” which is to be considered in a referendum on September 28.

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