HLI warns of activities of pro-abortion Brazilian doctor in Latin America


Leaders of Human Life International (HLI) have alerted pro-life organizations in Latin America of the activities of Dr. Anibal Faundes, a Brazilian physician who supports abortion and is traveling throughout the region to promote the legalization of abortion based on supposedly scientific arguments.

Faundes is professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Director of the Research Center of CEMICAMP in Sao Paolo, Director of the Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Rights at the Latin American Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and representative of the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics.


According to HLI, Faundes “is traveling throughout all of Latin America to promote the legalization of abortion, especially among gynecologists and obrestricians.”  In fact, he was in Nicaragua earlier this year on March 22 as part of a tour through the region which began in Uruguay in 2003, where he promoted a new law that barely failed to be passed by the Uruguayan Senate in 2005.


In Montevideo, the pro-abortion doctor denied that so-called “emergency contraception” was abortifacient, claiming that the unborn show no sign of brain activity until after the first trimester.


Faundes also gave a conference to gynecologists and obstetricians in Venezuela in which he encouraged them to support the legalization of abortion, and in his native Brazil he participated in a congress that celebrated the properties of the abortifacient drug Misoprostol.


Recently the anti-Catholic organization “Catholics for a Free Choice” invited Faundes to Argentina to discuss the reform of the country’s penal code with regards to abortion and to appeal to celebrities to push the National Campaign for the Right to Legal Abortion.


According to HLI, Faundes is a favorite instrument of Planned Parenthood International, which not only finances many of his trips and conferences in the region, but also has awarded him the prize “Champion of Reproductive Rights.”

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