Holy Father describes UN as a 'family of nations'

Holy Father describes UN as a 'family of nations'


Today Benedict XVI greeted the staff of the United Nations and spoke in an especially reflective manner of the similarities between the Holy See and the United Nations.

The Holy Father compared the Vatican Palace to the United Nations building as a reminder of the vast extent of the known world. At the United Nations, “we see images of the effects of war and poverty, we are reminded of our duty to strive for a better world, and we rejoice in the sheer diversity and exuberance of human culture.”

The people of the United Nations, according to the Holy Father, are frequently described, “As the family of nations.”  The officials of the UN “constitute a microcosm of the whole world in which each individual makes an indispensible contribution.”

Pope Benedict concluded his remarks with an emphasis of the duty the staff of the United Nations has to “protect.”  They have been given the responsibility to lay “the foundations of world peace.”

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