Holy Father emphasizes importance of God’s Word for peace and progress

Holy Father emphasizes importance of God’s Word for peace and progress

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI


At the conclusion of Sunday Mass in Montecassino, Italy, Pope Benedict XVI addressed the faithful before praying the Regina Coeli. As he was speaking beneath the Benedictine Abbey, he stressed the contribution of Benedictine monasticism to the dignity of prayer and of work as well as the importance of “daily contemplation on the Word of God.”


The Pope spoke of the “power of Christ.”  He continued:  “Saint Benedict was a great witness of this, because he gathered it into his existence and saw it fruitfully multiply through works of authentic spiritual and cultural renewal.”


“This is why, on the entrance to the Abbey of Montecassino, indeed on the entrance to every Benedictine monastery, the word “PAX” is emblazoned as a motto. The monastic community is indeed called to live according to this peace, which is the greatest gift of Easter.”


“Once again the history of monasticism teaches us that the growth of all great civilizations is based on daily contemplation of the Word of God, which drives believers to a personal and common effort to fight against all forms of selfishness and injustice,” he continued. “Only, through the grace of Christ, by learning to fight and win over the evil within ourselves and our relations with others, can we become authentic builders of peace and civil progress.”


“May the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, help all Christians, in their varied vocations and situations of life to be witnesses of the peace that Christ has gifted us and left us as our mission to be realized everywhere.”


Marking the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, the Holy Father said that his prayers go out to those in the Asian country. He explained, “My thoughts go to all the people of China, in particular to the Catholics in China, as I urge them on this day to renew their communion of faith in Christ and fidelity to the Successor of Saint Peter.”


He concluded, “May our common prayer obtain a spreading of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that unity between all Christians, the Catholicity and universality of the Church be ever deeper and more visible.”

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