If we don’t protect life today, we will regret it tomorrow, Mexican bishops warn


The Bishops’ Conference of Mexico said this week that the greatest challenge Mexicans are confronting is the defense of human life in all circumstances.  “If we don’t take the necessary measures in the present,” we will regret it in the future.
“Violating this right (to life), or creating exceptions for his universal and full protection, puts us at risk for being sorry in the future that we did not take the necessary measures today,” the bishops said, as the country’s Supreme Court prepares to rule on the constitutionality of the legalization of abortion in Mexico City.
In a statement, the bishops recalled that life is “a gift and a right; and therefore nobody has the right to attack, suppress, sell, torture, assault, kidnap or kill the valuable personal experience of the life of each human being.”
“The Catholic Church holds out hope that good will prevail and that Mexico will begin a time of greater dialogue and solidarity in which every human being will possess the same dignity and deserve the same respect of their fundamental rights,” the bishops said.
On the other hand, during a press conference Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera of Tuxtla Gutierrez and Archbishop Ramon Castro of Campeche expressed their hopes that the high court’s ruling would be founded upon reason and the law.  They said that if the court declared the law to be constitutional, the bishops would respect the ruling. But, they added, that does not mean “that we will leave it there, because there are some causes which must not be surrendered and citizens have to fight for the respect for life.”

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