Indian archbishop warns of continuing lack of security in Orissa

Indian archbishop warns of continuing lack of security in Orissa


Archbishop Rafael Cheenath of Cuttack-Bhubaneshwar said this week, “The persecution of Christians in Orissa,” a state of India where hundreds have been attacked by Hindu extremists in recent months, “continues amidst the indifference of authorities.”

L’Osservatore Romano reported that Archbishop Cheenath said, “At least 11,000 Christians are still in camps in the districts of Kandhamal, and thousands are in other districts, not counting those who have fled to other states in India, or to the homes of friends or relatives.  Everyone fears new acts of violence if they were to return to their cities.”

“Our persecutors have announced there will be new attacks against us by Christmas,” the archbishop continued. “Therefore, the message of the extremists for those who hope to come back and those who live in uncertainty is clear: only conversion to Hinduism will save them.”

LOR also reported that despite a commitment made by the local government to combat the persecution, nothing has been done.  “In recent days there have been other victims: two Christian women were killed in the district of Kandhamal while they were working the rice fields nearby, hoping to get some food for their families.”

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