Institute condemns anti-Christian booklets by Hindu extremist group

.- A Hindu extremist group, dedicated to the promotion of convicted murderer Dara Singh, is planning to distribute anti-Christian booklets in Orissa, India.

The Institute on Religion and Public Policy is condemning the actions of the Dara Sena and urging officials in Orissa to uphold the law and combat religious intolerance.

Singh was convicted in 2003 and sentenced to life in prison for killing Christian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons by burning them alive. Members of the Dara Sena regard Singh as a godlike figure and a leader in the fight to protect Hinduism against "foreign" religions such as Christianity and Islam.

"Dara Singh and the Dara Sena are violent thugs seeking to intimidate growing non-Hindu populations in Orissa," said Joseph Grieboski, president of the institute.

Rather than protect Hinduism, their stated objective, “they have harmed and embarrassed the international Hindu community by promoting violence and intolerance,” Grieboski said.

Singh has repeatedly stated that he wishes to run for public office in Orissa despite a law prohibiting convicted criminals from holding public office.

The superintendent of police in Mayurbhanj District, where Singh's prison is located, has stated that the police will arrest anyone distributing anti-Christian publications.

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