Iraqi bishops describe anti-Christian violence as an intentional political move


The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Iraq issued a statement last week denouncing the anti-Christian violence the country is suffering from as part of an intentional political plan that "seeks to create pain and conflict between the different components of the nation."

According to the SIR news agency, the bishops said it was their “moral and patriotic responsibility” to affirm that “Christians are an integral part of the entire Iraqi patrimony,” adding that “public officials must move quickly to prevent Christians from suffering violence and to protect them. What has happened (in Mosul) contrasts with the responsibility of the State to protect all citizens.”

The Iraqi bishops also encouraged Christians to continue working with their fellow Iraqis, “in the joy and in the sorrows, to reject living in isolation,” and to give life to Article 50 of the Iraqi Constitution which “guarantees our representation and participation in the responsibilities of the nation.”

The bishops expressed their thanks to organizations and individuals in Iraq and around the world “for their solidarity in this time of trial, for having pointed out that grave dangers of the attacks, and for calling for a return of the displaced and for reparations for the harm that has been done.”