Italian Health Minister says abortion is murder


In the midst of a heated debate in Italy concerning the reduction of federal funding for women who have a second abortion, the country’s Health Minister, Girolamo Sirchia, said abortion “is homicide and the law should steer clear of it.”

“Abortion is a grave act that does not take into account the rights of the unborn and of society.  Before resorting to a violent and cruel act that takes a life, that is, homicide, other options can be utilized.  I would only accept it if the life of the mother was seriously in danger,” he said.

The initiative of Senator Antonio Gentile of the Forza Italia party to modify the 1978 abortion law, which regulates the legalization of abortion in various cases and anticipates funding from Social Security, has been criticized by the opposition and by some members of the same Forza party.

Despite opposition, Sirchia said he was willing to discuss Gentile’s proposal to reduce federal funding by 50% for second abortions and all funding for the third.

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