John Paul II left written instructions about his memorial


According the norms established by the Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis, issued by Pope John Paul II in 1996, after the death of the Supreme Pontiff, the College of Cardinals has the task of establishing the day, hour and manner in which the body of the deceased Pontiff will be transported to the Vatican Basilica for veneration by the faithful.

Then the Cardinals will organize the mourning period, ensuring that the burial takes place between the fourth and sixth day after death.  The Cardinals are to celebrate the Mass in repose of the Pope’s soul during nine consecutive days.

Nevertheless, no one is allowed to photograph or videotape the infirm Pope in his bed or after he is deceased nor record his words with any instrument with the purpose of publicizing them later.
Whoever desires to take photographs for documentation after the Pope’s death must get permission from the Cardinal Camerlengo, Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo, who, nonetheless, is not to allow photographs unless the Pope is dressed in his pontifical garments.

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