Kidnapped Iraqi priest released

Kidnapped Iraqi priest released

.- Auxiliary Bishop Shlemon Warduni of Baghdad has announced the release of Father Douglas Al Bazi, who was kidnapped recently by Iraqi insurgents, saying, “He has undergone physical and psychological trials but he is alive.”

Bishop Warduni said news of the priest’s release was met “with joy by the entire Iraqi Christian community, especially by the Chaldeans.” He did not say whether any ransom was paid to the priest’s captors.

The bishop said the situation the Christian minority is facing in the country is “critical” and that the “things in Iraq are getting worse every day, although we rejoice at this wonderful news and we continue to pray.”

Father Al Bazi was the fourth Chaldean priest to be kidnapped, and his abduction occured just one month after a Syro-Orthodox priest from Mosul was found murdered after being kidnapped by insurgents.

A total of eight Christian leaders have been kidnapped in Iraq since the US-led invasion began.

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