Knights of Columbus launches Catholic investment opportunities

Knights of Columbus launches Catholic investment opportunities

Knights of Columbus launches Catholic investment opportunities

.- With hopes of better serving the Catholic community, the Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors announced this week the development of their new faith-based investment opportunities, which are specifically geared toward Catholic institutions and organizations.

The Knight of Columbus, with over 1.8 million members around the world, launched the formation of their Asset Advisors last year and are now moving forward in offering a few different services to Catholic institutional investors.

These registered investment advisors are a part of the wholly owned subsidiary of the Knights of Columbus and are the same in-house group of portfolio managers, credit analysts, and traders that manage the Knights of Columbus's own substantial assets.
The Knights of Columbus advisors are equipped specifically to work with Catholic institutional investors who wish to commission the use of their funds within the realm of Catholic options. These opportunities are in compliance with the guidelines of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

"We believe a Catholic firm committed to Catholic values can offer a more compelling solution for Catholic entities," Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight and CEO, said March 24.

The four services offered by the Knights of Columbus encompass a set of separate account strategies with the option of investing in the Knights of Columbus' own mutual funds, including fixed income and domestic and international equity funds.

Other services include model portfolios, asset allocation and rebalancing, and the choice of an outsourced chief investment officer service. Various risk-reward fund diversifications are also available.

The president of the Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors and Chief Investment Officer, Anthony Minopoli, believes that the Knight's of Columbus's investment program offers Catholics meaningful and imperative ways to invest their money.

"As an organization grounded in Catholic values and with a track record of growth and success with our insurance, annuity and Catholic lending businesses, we offer a compelling solution for Catholic institutions seeking investment options."

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