Largest Irish pro-life rally in fifteen years to be held this Saturday


The Irish pro-life organization Youth Defence is holding what is says will be the largest Irish pro-life event in fifteen years in Dublin this coming Saturday, 7 July. While abortion remains illegal in Ireland, a legal quandary remains because of the X case ruling in 1992 which has been interpreted to allow abortion in one specific instance.

On Saturday the 7 July, at 1pm, pro-lifers from all around Ireland will gather outside the main post office in Dublin. They will then walk to the Irish Parliament where they will be addressed by numerous pro-life speakers. Eoghan De Faoite, Chairman of the Rally Committee and leader of the Irish pro-life group Youth Defence, said that “this rally intends to send a strong message to the Irish government; ‘Keep Ireland abortion free’.”

Historically, two things have protected the unborn child from abortion in Ireland. First, the provisions of the 1861 Offences against the Persons Act, and second, a Pro-life Amendment to Ireland's constitution in 1983.

Unfortunately, a decision by Ireland’s Supreme Court in 1992 interpreted the amendment as allowing abortion in the case of suicide. This outraged the Irish electorate whose intention, in voting for the 1983 amendment, was to protect the unborn fully in all circumstances; and so they brought their voices to the streets.

In what was seen as hugely significant in keeping abortion out of Ireland, thousands of people attended four pro- life rallies in Dublin, during 1992, to make their voices heard. Those rallies stalled the political momentum to legalize abortion in Ireland.

Since 1992, even though the Irish people have had the anti-life Supreme Court interpretation hanging over them, not one abortion has been carried out in Ireland. Successive Irish governments, fearful of the backlash from Ireland's pro-life movements, have balked at abortion legislation. The pro-life lobby, who have remained extremely active since those four mass rallies in 1992, are now celebrating 15 years of keeping Ireland abortion-free.

Significantly, last week, only 80 people turned up for a pro-abortion demonstration in Dublin, which was addressed by Irish politicians. Eoghan De Faoite said that "it is striking that such a small number turned out. It makes it abundantly clear that the pro-abortion lobby in Ireland has very little support from the Irish people."

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