Law on abortion would grant amnesty to promoters of death in Spain


The Spanish Federation of Pro-Life Associations has strongly rejected the government’s plan to liberalize abortion laws, saying it would grant amnesty to those who have profited for years from the practice.

"We publicly denounce that this law has no other purpose than to grant retroactive amnesty to the promoters of abortion who not only have no scruples about tearing children out of their often tormented mothers, but in addition, make a mockery of the current law," the Federation said in a statement.

"A crime does not become a right just because one says it is, or because it is adorned with euphemisms of freedom and progress. All of the lives that have been lost, all of the women who have been broken and the generations that have been mutilated is enough.  Abortion is something terrible and painful for all and we cannot allow it as something inevitable, much less speak of it as an advance in social rights."

The Federation said passage of the law would only lead "to more pregnancies among young women, more death and more lives cut short."

"We wish to show our most profound indignation when people appeal to women’s freedom and their health in order to invent a right that is to kill a child without giving any explanation if it is done within a certain amount of time.  A crime does not become a right because it is repeated many times and adorned with the euphemisms of freedom and progress," the Foundation said.

The pro-life organization expressed hope that "common sense will prevail and that the government will correct itself and withdraw this backwards and inhumane project, which will only please those who profit from the pain of others and will mean greater degradation and abandonment of women, children and all of Spanish society."


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