Lawsuits against Mexican cardinal driven by intolerance, charges archdiocese


The press office of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Mexico announced last week that lawyers representing Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez are preparing to respond to the two lawsuits filed against him by the mayor of Mexico City.

The press office noted that the response to the first lawsuit will be filed before Oct. 6.

Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard is suing the cardinal for comments he made charging that Ebrard and international organizations pressured the justices of the Supreme Court to make same-sex “marriage” constitutional.

Ebrard has also filed a second lawsuit against the cardinal, this time, for calling the government “dictatorial.”

An archdiocesan statement noted that lawyers will respond to the second filing once the details are released, “with absolute respect for our institutions and for the laws that govern us.” The archdiocese continued, saying that “if the lawsuit is filed, this confirms that this is a dictatorship that does not tolerate criticism.”

It then noted that the Mexico City government is showing its intolerance for criticism, “and it has nothing to do in this case with the argument that the secular state is somehow being attacked.  We respect a healthy secularism, and we think it is best for our country, and it also implies respect for a citizen’s right to express an opinion without suffering discrimination, just because he is a member of the clergy."

The archdiocese also referred to the decision by the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination to classify the comments by Cardinal Sandoval as discriminatory.

“The intention of the Archbishop of Guadalajara was in no way to promote disdain for men or women who experience same-sex attraction.  The council’s interpretation was erroneous, but we respect its decision,” the press office said, adding that the council’s statements were sent to the archdiocese via e-mail and not via an official letter.

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