Life Foundation says Madrid has become Mecca of abortion


The assistant director of the Life Foundation in Spain, Carlos Valdes, said this week the “private business” of abortion has turned Madrid into the Mecca of abortion, since in 2005 49% of women who underwent the procedure there were from other parts of Spain and other countries.


Abortion, he said, “is a growing private business in the Community of Madrid.  In 2005, 98.3% of these feticides took place in private clinics, above last year’s figure of 97%.”  He added that 49% of those who obtained abortion came from outside Madrid, “39.8% from other provinces and 9.2% from other countries.”


Valdes said that since 1998 the number of abortions has increased, which has meant that in 2005 there were 20,759 abortions, that is, 6.79% more than in 2004.  He added that there has also been an increase of the use of tax-payers’ money.  “In 2005 21.5% of abortions were funded by public funds up from 20% the previous year.”


Valdes also denounced health officials for paying extreme attention paid to abortion, while ignoring other important issues.


“Only in the administration of the Community of Madrid do we see a certain sensitivity, while the Ministry of Health is only concerned with increasing the number of abortions among the youngest women.  It does not see that it is the logical consequence of the hedonistic spiral that it is constantly encouraging with repeated messages,” Valdes stated.  “The public state administration does not offer solutions” he emphasized, and “it is incapable of reducing the number of abortions.”

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