Living our baptism means staying united to the Church, Pope counsels


Pope Benedict XVI touched on the importance of the Sacrament of Baptism on Sunday, saying that “living our Baptism means remaining firmly united to the Church, even when we see her face darkened by certain shadows and stains.”

Speaking at the parish of St. Anthony in Concesio, Italy, where Pope Paul VI was baptized, the Holy Father recalled the words of his predecessor on the human tendency to dismiss the faith as useless or antiquated. There is “a temptation to believe that the faith is a tie, a chain to be thrown off, something old and outdated which serves no purpose,” Benedict quoted, adding that man can falsely begin to believe that “economic and social life is enough to respond to all the aspirations of the human heart.”

The Pope continued by referencing St. Augustine's words that “our hearts are restless until they rest in the Lord” and that “only if we find the light that illuminates and gives fullness of meaning can human beings be truly happy.”

“That light is faith in Christ,” the Holy Father stated, reminding the faithful that faith is “a gift received at Baptism that must be constantly rediscovered in order to pass it on to others.”

Pointing out that at the moment of each person's Baptism “Christ bound us to Himself forever,” the Pope asked, “Yet do we, for our part, remain united to Him through choices coherent with the Gospel?”

“It is not easy being Christian. It takes courage and tenacity not to conform oneself to the mentality of the world, not to allow oneself to be seduced by the temptations ... of hedonism and consumerism; to face, if necessary, misunderstandings and sometimes even persecution,” he said.

Pope Benedict concluded by speaking on the importance of the Church and how it has “regenerated us for divine life and accompanies us throughout our journey.”

“Let us love and serve her with a faithful love which translates into tangible acts within our communities,” the Pope urged,“not surrendering to the temptation to individualism and prejudice, and overcoming all rivalries and divisions. Thus will we be true disciples of Christ.”

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