London doctor makes both Royal Wedding and JP II beatification

Peter Ho stands in the first row of St. Peter's Square
Peter Ho stands in the first row of St. Peter's Square


For many global dignitaries the clash of dates between Pope John Paul II’s beatification in Italy and the Royal Wedding in England created a real diplomatic headache. But not so for Peter Ho, a 30-year-old doctor from London who decided he’d attend both.

“I was finishing my night-shift in the intensive care unit yesterday morning and then rode my bike as fast as I could to Buckingham Palace. I got a vantage point just as William and Kate drove by me. They both smiled in my direction as they went by. It was fantastic.”

Twenty-four hours later, Peter has another great vantage point at another global event. Why did he make the flight to Rome?

“My family background is Christian. My grandmother was a lifelong practicing Christian. She passed-on away a couple of years ago. So I just feel that I should be here to think about my family, my grand-mum particularly.”

“Also, this is a great event for everyone and not only for Catholics. Pope John Paul II traveled the world and made such a wonderful contribution to people all over the world.”

Peter now plans to hold onto his prized position in St. Peter’s Square through the night.

“I don’t want to lose this place. I have a very good position--right in front of the altar.”

“I’m very tired now, but I’ll try to stay awake as long as I can.”

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