Madrid residents protest against government subsidies for “Gay pride” week in Spanish capital


Residents in Madrid are protesting a decision by Madrid mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon—to grant a subsidy of more than $36,000 for the celebration of “Gay Pride” week in the Spanish capital.

According to reports broadcast on the COPE radio network, the city government of Madrid will sponsor the “festivities” which will take place on July 3.

A popular Spanish website ( has launched a protest encouraging people to send a message to the mayor expressing their rejection that their tax dollars be spent on “lewd conduct,” including a parade featuring obscenity and perverse acts.

The website points out that during previous editions of this “parade,” participants have engaged in exhibitionism and mockery of the religious beliefs of most Spaniards.  Likewise it mentioned that thousands of minors would be exposed to the event and that the decision by the mayor to finance it could be in violation of Spanish law.  

“Although the number of homosexuals who themselves reject this disgraceful spectacle of obscenity and lewdness is increasing, because of the bad image it gives them, the city government has decided to give money to it for the first time,” the alert concludes.

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