Making progress: 40 Days for Life - Sacramento, update days 12-14


We seem to be having an impact on Planned Parenthood, 29th and B Street, downtown Sacramento, where we are holding our constant prayer vigil these 40 days.

When we arrived Monday morning, they had put a sign on the door saying "Closed for Staff Meeting" until after 10 a.m. With the doors locked, no loud PP radios to talk over, and no escorts to contend with, it was a great opportunity to talk with PP clients who showed up; many turned to us for help and information.

Tuesdays and Fridays are usually abortion mornings here. But thanks be to God, the next day --Tuesday -- the abortionist never showed up. Prayers are being answered!

Today, Planned Parenthood's parking lot was at 30% capacity most of the day.

I spoke with a grandmother who brought her teenage grandchild, Caitlin, to obtain birth control pills. It greatly struck me, upon seeing her granddaughter, that Caitlin does not know how precious she is in God's eyes. Please pray for them both.

A Hispanic couple also spoke with me after exiting the facility. The woman seemed overwhelmed, yet she had an openness about her. They had the "Before You Choose" brochure still with them. Please keep this couple in your prayers as well.

I dropped in at the nearby friendly gas station at 29th and E streets, where we store our vigil supplies. As I walked in, Kevin, the daytime cashier said, "Hey, you know I haven't been to church since I was about this high," as he stretched out his arm to show me a height about waist-high. "But my girlfriend asked me to go to church with her this past weekend and you know what?  I kinda liked it. All I felt was love, with so many good people all together in one place."

Somehow, I wanted to give him something special to commemorate this event, but all I had with me was a “precious feet” pin.  I gave him one and explained it was the exact size of a baby's feet in the womb at 10 weeks. He was very touched and thankful. Then I noticed three to four other customers in line, who saw and overheard our entire conversation. You just never know who may have needed to hear that!

We need more vigilers at 29th and B Street Planned Parenthood, particularly at night. Ideally we need three or four people for each shift to keep the place covered 24/7. Contact Chris Jonas at [email protected], telephone (530) 878-0598, if you can help fill these hours.

Story courtesy of California Catholic Daily.

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