Marian shrine in Spain marks 400th anniversary

Marian shrine in Spain marks 400th anniversary

.- The shrine of Our Lady of Fuencisla, patroness of the Spanish city of Segovia, will mark its 400th anniversary on Sept. 23 with a traditional novena led by the city's bishop, Ángel Rubio Castro.

“In these 400 years, innumerable Segovians have passed through this Shrine to visit Our Lady. Only she knows of the thousands of intentions, prayers, troubles, joys, sorrows and secrets of her children,” wrote Monsignor Alfonso Frechel Merino, chancellor of the Segovia diocese, in a letter to the faithful.

“She has done so many other small daily miracles in their hearts and lives. Our Lady of Fuencisla, patroness of Segovia, has always been present in the life of the city, and many events of all kinds have happened, with her as our star and our guide.”

Msgr. Frechel invited the faithful to celebrate the milestone by “instilling in our children and young people love and trust in Mary.”
The celebration of the shrine's anniversary will last Sept. 19-29, and will be led by Bishop Rubio. Also in attendence will be Cardinal Carlos Amigo Vallejo, the emeritus archbishop of Sevilla; Archbishop Jesús Sanz Montes of Oviedo; and Archbishop Ricardo Blázquez Pérez of Valladolid.

Describing the celebration, Msgr. Frechel said, “among us there is an undeniable phenomenon during eleven days in which our streets are filled with people who come to the cathedral to continue telling their secrets to Our Lady of Fuencisla. She will continue to work miracles each day and to stir up hearts and awaken the dormant faith of some, and she will be the guarantor of the faith for Segovia.”
Mary “will always care for all those who invoke her and call her ‘Mother,’ even if they may have forgotten her. She continues daily to work miracles and we know it.”

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