Abortion in Mexico

Measure proposed that would allow doctors in Mexico right to refuse to perform abortions


In the wake of the recent approval of abortion in Mexico City, the National Action Party (PAN) has proposed a reform of the Constitution that would guarantee doctors the right to conscientious objection and to refuse to perform abortions.

According to Senator Alejandro Zapata Perogordo, who presented the measure before the entire Senate, its purpose would be “to guarantee the right of doctors to be exempt from a legal duty if it contradicts their moral convictions.”

Zapata lamented that Mexico has signed agreements on human rights, including the right to conscientious objection, and “up to now these have not been followed.”

He said the proposal also aims to “support citizens and their freedoms.”

The measure comes as the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City recently approved abortion up to the twelfth week and medical centers in the capital grapple with whether or not they are obliged to implement the policy.

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