Memorial Mass honoring Servant of God, Vincent R. Capodanno to be held next month

.- A memorial Mass for Father Vincent R. Capodanno, U.S. Navy Chaplain will be celebrated September 4 to commemorate his 1967 Vietnam battlefield death while administrating the sacraments to the dying 1st Battalion; 5th Division Marines.
Vincent Capodanno was born on February 13, 1929 in Staten Island, New York.  After his ordination, he worked as a missionary in Taiwan and Hong Kong before serving in the Marines as a United States Navy Chaplain. 
In 1966, "Fr. Vince" was sent to Vietnam.  According to CatholicMil.Org, "He gained a reputation for always being there--for always taking care of his Marines."
On September 4, 1967, Chaplain Capodanno received word of a battle taking place, Operation Swift.  He knew that it wouldn't be easy, and that the fighting was fierce, but he went among the wounded and dying, to give last rites to his Marines.  Though blasts wounded his face and hands, "Father Capodanno moved to help a wounded corpsman only yards from an enemy machinegun. Father Capodanno died taking care of one of his men."
Fr. Capodanno was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in recognition of his selfless sacrifice and was given the title "Servant of God' on May 21, 2006, thirty-nine years after his death on the battlefield of Vietnam.
The memorial Mass marking the 41st anniversary of his death is being requested by CatholicMil.Org, who is also the petitioner for his cause of Sainthood.

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