Mexican bishops call for respect for election results

.- In a statement issued Monday, the bishops of Mexico reiterated their call to wait patiently for the official results of the recent presidential elections and they expressed their confidence that the results will reflect “the will of the majority.”

In their statement, the bishops said this was, “the time to trust in the electoral institutions and authorities.  This is a time for legality.”

Signed by the president of the Mexican Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Jose Guadalupe Martin Rabago, and Conference secretary, Bishop Carlos Aguiar Retes, the statement explains that, “until the Federal Electoral Institute declares the official results of who has won, we hope that the candidates who have not triumphed will act with maturity and love for their country and accept that they will be able to continue collaborating loyally for the good of country through responsible opposition.”

The bishops emphasized that Mexico is in need of an, “inclusive and pluralistic government,” that will bring the country together and guarantee stability and progress.

The bishops called the elections “a success” and they called on all voters to set aside, “the emotions and partisan passions of the electoral contest,” and to, “accept the official results, acknowledge the winner and be ready to collaborate with the new government for the good of society.”

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