Mexican cardinal: pro-abortion politicians do not represent the people

Mexican cardinal: pro-abortion politicians do not represent the people


During a Mass celebrated with pro-life demonstrators who are calling on Mexico’s Constitutional Court to declare abortion illegal, the Archbishop of Guadalajara, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, said politicians and public officials who support abortion do not speak for the Mexican people, who love life.

The cardinal led one of the numerous pro-life marches that took place in several cities throughout Mexico last Sunday in order to call on the high court to declare the law passed in Mexico City legalizing abortion to be unconstitutional.

“This march is for the family and for human life,” Cardinal Sandoval said, “and it is an opportune moment for our leaders and legislators to take the people’s pulse” and to “pass consistent laws because they represent the people.”

“If they are true representatives of the people, they should represent them with dignity and reflect the values of this nation that loves the family and life,” he added.

Cardinal Sandoval denounced the anti-life measures that have been proposed in the legislature as “contrary to the law of God and to the right to life.”

“Life is the basic gift that God gives to people and is the fundamental right of the human being, a right that must be respected, because nobody is master neither of one’s life, nor of that of another.  The master is the Lord,” the cardinal emphasized.