Mexican children's group firmly rejects promotion of morning-after pill


The Mexican association Suma Tu Voz (Unite Your Voice) has criticized new government-issued health care booklets that include information on contraceptives and the morning-after pill aimed at young people aged 10-19.

According to the newspaper A.M. in Leon, the president of Suma Tu Voz, Lourdes Casares, explained that the booklets do not specify if parental consent is required for the so-called right to request the morning-after pill and receive advice about reproductive “rights.”

Likewise, she questioned if the Secretary of Health would have the capacity to provide adequate orientation to all those who possess a booklet, so that it is used responsibly and with the consent of parents when merited.

“Planning your family is your right;” “If you have had unprotected sexual relations and 72 hours have not passed, you can request emergency contraception. Protect yourself. Its your right!,” are two of the phrases included on pages 20 and 21 of the booklets intended for students aged 10-19.

“Will the 10, 12 or 14 year-old child have the booklet? Or will his or her parents? Who has given the consent for all of these norms by which the Secretariat of Health is interfering in families?” Casares questioned.

She also said that children between the ages of 10 and 16 are incapable of forming a family and have no legal ability to be married. The Secretariat of Health and Education estimates that some 317,000 booklets will be distributed.

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