Mexican official under pressure to resign for public expression of faith


The Front for Secular Culture, a conglomerate of anti-religious groups such as Catholics for a Free Choice, is demanding Mexican Interior Secretary Carlos Abascal “evaluate” whether or not he will remain in his post after expressing his Catholic faith in public.

Abascal caused an uproar at the recent World Forum on Ethics in Mexico when he said divine law was above human laws.  He immediately became the target of harsh criticism, and a host of secular and anti-religious groups began calling for his resignation.

The director of Catholics for a Free Choice in Mexico, Maria del Consuelo Mejia, Guadalupe Cruz, executive director of the Ecclesial Observatory, and Eduardo del Castillo, coordinator of the Front for Secular Culture, all demanded Abascal either “renounce his beliefs, or resign.”

Mejia also objected to President Vicente Fox’s presence at the Archdiocese of Mexico’s Cathedral on the day commemorating the Mexican constitution.  She criticized Fox and Abascal for “radically and aggressively provoking Mexican society” and “casting doubt upon the secular nature” of the state.

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