Mexicans in Yucatan commemorate first anniversary of pro-life legislation

.- Various organizations in the Yucatan Peninsula devoted to pro-life work are celebrating the first anniversary of their state’s reforms that ensured legal protection for the unborn and that made it one of 17 Mexican states to enact such legislation.
The Pro-Yucatan Network, which brings together 47 different organizations, will celebrate the first anniversary of the state’s constitutional reform on July 15.  The reforms were passed by overwhelming majorities and were backed by the vast majority of Mexicans.
Speaking to reporters, Ivette Lavida, the president of the Pro-Yucatan Network, said the pro-life legislation “expressly upholds that from the moment of conception (the unborn) are granted protection under the law and are considered born as far as the corresponding legal effects are concerned until natural death, with all of the exceptions already envisaged in ordinary law.”
“The defense of life is not a whim, it is a commitment shared by the majority of Mexicans,” she said.
The constitutional changes are intended to protect women, especially those who are pregnant, she added.  They do not criminalize women but rather grant her the full guarantee of the defense of life from the moment of conception, Lavida said.

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