Mexico urged to strengthen bond between mother and child


Several organizations are calling on the Mexican government to protect the bond between a mother and her child.

Ivette Laviada, president of Red Pro Yucatan, said women are given all the means necessary in places like Mexico City to get rid of their children, “but those who want to be mothers go from hospital to hospital” in search of adequate care. 

Groups such as Red Pro-Yucatan, Abrazamos la Vida in Quintana Roo, Se Mujer in Veracuz and Sentido Comun in Puebla took the opportunity of Mother’s Day to call on the government to discourage women from practices that are harmful to their health and life expectancy.

Mother's Day in Mexico is celebrated on May 10.
The organizations said the promotion of pro-abortion policies, such as those in Mexico City, represent a failure by the country’s leaders to work for the healthy development of society by providing real opportunities for women – instead of false solutions.

Those who “do want to be mothers should be able to find jobs, receive grants if they want to continue going to school, day care centers, professional health care, competent doctors and maternity clinics,” the organizations stated.
Laviada of Red Pro Yucatan lamented the shortage of doctors specializing in high risk pregnancies, the low number of maternity clinics and the “lack of medicine as basic as antibiotics.”

“The government needs to provide Mexican mothers the basic tools they need to improve their quality of life and that of their children,” she said.

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