Ministry of Education could become subject of lawsuit over socialist course


The organization Professionals for Ethics announced it is studying the possibility of denouncing the Ministry of Education for promoting indoctrinating materials in the course Education for the Citizenry.

The organization referred to websites promoted by the Ministry that offer material for the course, including contents that promote gender ideology and “sexual variety,” and videos on Gay Pride Day.


Fabian Fernandez de Alarcon, general secretary of Professionals for Ethics, said that “at the request of parents,” the organization is “studying the possibility of denouncing these didactic materials that are included on the official website of the ministry.”


Fernandez recalled that four recent rulings by Spain’s Supreme Court affirmed that required courses should not be a pretext for trying to persuade students about ideas or doctrines that take positions on problems about which a general moral consensus in Spanish society does not exist.


“The [court] rulings,” he warned, “also state that the projects, texts and explications related to Education for the Citizenry must not make use of indoctrination.” If they do, parents have the right to seek legal protection from the courts, Fernandez stressed.

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