Miracle under investigation in Scotland

.- The Catholic Church is investigating reports of a miracle at a Scottish hospital. Catholics are claiming that the intercession of a deceased nun helped a premature baby to live after doctors gave up hope for the infant’s survival, according to The Scotsman.

The relic of Venerable Margaret Sinclair, a former Edinburgh factory worker and committed trade unionist, was placed in the incubator of the infant, who weighed just one pound when born.

The baby’s family was given permission by medical staff to open the sterile incubator and place the relic next to the infant after they were told there was no hope of survival. The baby is now four months old and is said to be doing well.

Doctors and nursing staff will now be asked to give detailed medical statements to Church officials as part of the investigation.

"Pope John Paul II told me when we were discussing the cause of Margaret Sinclair to ask the people to pray for a miracle and this has been happening,” said Edinburgh Archbishop, Cardinal Keith O'Brien regarding the claims of a miracle.

"Although it is exciting news we must tread cautiously,” he reportedly said, adding that investigations must be conducted before miracles can be declared genuine. Previous miracle claims have not passed the investigation stage.

If this event proves to be a miracle, it would lead to Sr. Margaret’s beatification for which a campaign has been mounting in Scotland in recent years.

Sr. Margaret died in 1925. Pope Paul VI declared her a Servant of God in February 1978. 

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