More than 1,600 families in Madrid have requested adoption during last two months


The organization Pro-Life Manifesto (Manifiesto por la Vida) in Spain reported this week that during the last two months, more than 1,600 families have requested to adopt a child from any place in the world.

Of those, 577 have successfully passed the review process and are eligible to adopt a child.  In most cases the adoptee will be from a foreign country, as in Madrid only 60 to 70 adoptees are native-born while more than 700 come from other countries.

Pro-Life Manifesto said, “These meager statistics contrast with the thousands of babies sacrificed annually in this same Community, with public funding, at abortion centers.”  “Almost 25 percent of abortion centers in Madrid are financed by the government of Esperanza Aguirre.”

With regard to adoptions, the adviser on Family and Social Affairs for Madrid, Engracia Hidalgo, said that since the national list of adoptions was opened again after being closed for four years, many people in Spain have decided to adopt.

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