More than 3000 object to Education for Citizenship in Toledo


The Provincial Catholic Federal Association of Parents of Students said this week it has received more than 3095 complaints against the Education for Citizenship course just in the Spanish province of Toledo.

819 complaints came from parents with children in public schools while 2276 came from parents with children in private and parochial schools.  “These figures confirm that Toledo has the highest number of objections in all of Spain.  This extraordinarily high number is due to the intense informational campaign carried out by our two organizations with collaboration from Professionals for Ethics,” the federation reported.

The parental organization has made over 40 presentations throughout the province of Toledo warning parents about the risks of the Education for Citizenship class, which it says the government is using to indoctrinate young people.

“We have explained to people that this is material that is clearly sectarian and secular, and we have informed them about the importance the course gives to relativism and the extraordinary influence of gender ideology and radical and exclusive feminism.  And lastly, we have told them about the inadmissible identification made in the course between positive law and the moral good,” the group said.

The parental organization said the number of objections continues to rise, with more than thirty different organizations working together to defend the rights of parents and to protect children from state indoctrination.

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