Morning-after pill is abortifacient, say experts in Nicaragua

.- At the “Emergency Contraceptives” symposium organized by the Nicaraguan Association for Life, various pro-life experts explained how the morning-after pill is indeed an abortifacient.
Dr. Rafael Cabrera, president of the Association for Life, said science has shown that one of the actions or effects of the pill is to block implantation of the embryo in the womb, which translates into an “abortifacient action,” since human life begins at conception.
“We can say that an abortion does not occur just because one takes the pill, since sometimes it is taken when ovulation has already passed, but if it is taken one day before or six days after ovulation, there is an 80% chance it will cause an abortion,” Dr. Cabrera said.
Regarding the legal aspects, attorney Adolfo Miranda Saenz explained that the possibility of the morning-after pill killing a newly conceived child makes this a kind of abortion, which is a crime in Nicaragua.
“Even assuming that killing a fertilized ovum not yet implanted in the uterus were not an abortion—even though for us it is—you are at least committing an injury causing offense against the unborn and that is illegal,” he said.

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