Movement warns attacks on the family lead to slow destruction of Argentinean society

.- The Christian Family Movement warned Argentineans this week that attacks on the family would slowly destroy their society, “with not only psychological and spiritual consequences, but economic and political ones as well.”

The CFM emphasized that the family is attacked not only by widespread divorce, but also through other “more serious” means such as the making of homosexual unions equal to marriage, the adoption of children by same-sex couples, the legalization of abortion, and the promotion of euthanasia as “death with dignity.”

The group also denounced efforts to sterilize “the poor as if they were cats,” as well as efforts to, “imbue grade-school education with attitudes, values and ideas that are improper for children of that age and that attack the kind of upbringing parents have the right to give them.”  

In their statement, the CFM noted that such efforts are not born of the democratic process, “because they are led by a small group of representatives who do not always reflect the feelings and will of the majority, but rather the interests of certain minority groups who have economic, political, or social power.”

The movement warned that societies that embrace such attitudes become “suicidal” because they go against society itself.  Therefore the group is calling on Argentineans to reflect upon the defense of human life and the family, “so that we don’t have to try to turn back when it is already too late.”

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