Muslim medical consortium fully supports Catholic fight against U.K. embryology bill


The chorus of Catholic voices speaking out against the proposed Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill in the U.K. is being joined by several Muslim medical organizations. The Muslim groups say that if the bill becomes law it will “allow for many immoral, inhumane and undesirable procedures and outcomes.”
The Islamic Medical Association, Muslim Doctors Association, Islamic Medical Ethics Forum and the Union of Muslim Organisations jointly announced on Wednesday that they fully support the Catholic opposition to the legislation under consideration.

Echoing the comments of Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who called the bill’s promotion of creating hybrid embryos “monstrous”, the Muslim consortium added that, “This is blasphemous in Islam. It is 'monstrous' and is opposed by all believers in GOD, the only Creator, the only Designer.”

In a press release, Dr. A. Majid Katme, the spokesman for the Islamic Medical Association, also said that, “The unique divine process of fertilization and human creation is SACRED and can not be used or changed for any reason. It is against the dignity of man, as stated by the Cardinal Keith O'Brien.”

Katme pointed out that the Muslim groups are not against medical research but that it must be “ethical, humane, safe, moral and effective and blessed by GOD the Creator. This bill is none of these.”
Dr. Katme pointed to the fact that ethical alternatives, such as the use of adult stem cells, are available and that his organization fully supports their use.

“British Muslims,” said Katme, “fully support the Catholic Leaders, Ministers and MPs in their opposition to this, the worst Bill in the history of Britain, they will continue with their letter campaign to the MPs in order to oppose this inhumane, destructive and immoral bill.”