N. Carolina bishops urge opposition to abortion coverage in UNC student health plan

Bishop Michael Burbridge and Peter Jugis
Bishop Michael Burbridge and Peter Jugis


A required University of North Carolina health plan’s coverage of abortion is “deeply disturbing,” two regional Catholic bishops have said. They called on the state’s Catholics and the university’s governing board to oppose the requirements, noting that abortion targets the lives of the weak and defenseless.

All university students must purchase the university’s health care plan unless they provide proof they have other coverage. However, the plan’s coverage includes elective abortions.

Responding to pro-life advocates’ concerns, university officials said students may opt out of the portion of the plan which funds an abortion. However, even students who opt out pay the same amount for the plan as others. The Catholic Voice NC says that in effect this forces pro-life students to “participate in deliberately bringing death upon another student’s child.”
Bishop of Charlotte Peter J. Jugis and Bishop of Raleigh Michael F. Burbidge voiced concern about the regulations.

“It is deeply disturbing that a state sponsored health insurance plan is providing coverage and therefore funding, for the direct destruction of innocent human life. We call on the UNC Board of Governors to halt the requirement of students to underwrite those who support this unacceptable practice which seeks to end the life of the weak and defenseless,” the bishops said, according to the Catholic Voice NC.

Both bishops called on the more than 800,000 Catholic faithful across their dioceses to contact the UNC Board of Governors to request that the board rescind the portion of the health care policies which provides payment for abortions.

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